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June 28-29, 2024

Thank you to our 2023 Sponsors and Vendors

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Healing In My Heels 2024 Presents:

EmpowerHer: Stepping Into Change-
A Journey To Transform Your Environment

Join us for our 3rd annual Healing In My Heels event, where we invite you to embark              on an EPIC two-day transformative journey towards empowerment. 


Date: Friday, June 28th and Saturday, June 29th
Location: Level II Venue - 10210 Berkeley Pl Dr. Suite 260 Charlotte NC 28262

Healing In My Heels is a celebration of the strength, resilience, and power within every woman. It's a call to action to step into change, embrace growth, and transform your environment, both internally and externally. 


What You Can Expect:
This two-day event is packed with empowering workshops, rejuvenating wellness practices, and inspiring discussions.


  • Day one kicks off with an evening of wellness, featuring yoga, sound healing, and meditation, complemented by light refreshments and wine. 

  • Day two is filled with insightful workshops, covering topics such as making room for healing, outgrowing unhealthy habits, moving from victim to survivor, and navigating your transformation in your new environment along with a delicious lunch.


Get Your Tickets Today!
Don't miss out on this empowering and transformative event.  Join us in taking the first step towards transforming your environment. 

Here's what participants from 2023 had to say...

The Reiki session was amazing. As well as the Hawaii meditation OMG loved it. And pretty much just every speaker who came up the poem and Erika Young session. Pretty much everything. And the food!

Wafiyyah W.

I thought everything was very well planned. I loved the mediation Cara did and Erika's affirmation exercise was dope. Akeya is bomb as shit! I can't wait to follow her and see her walk confidently into her purpose. Her words are powerful. The reiki was amazing. It was very much needed and transformational.

Nia M.

Fireside chat and soundbath was very impactful on day one. The events activities and workshops were well organized. They all aligned with the theme very nicely!

Bethannie J. 

The support that was given throughout the event. It allows for the participants to release freely without judgement. 



So grab your favorite heels, wedges or flats and lets heal sis!

6:00 PM  | Arrival/Check-in/Networking
6:15 PM  | Welcome
6:30 PM  | Hip Hip Hooray Hip Opener Yoga Flow, Janaye Simpson, LCMHCA
7:00 PM  | Networking Break/Food
7:30 PM  | Awaken Your Light: Reiki Experience, Tanika Barber, LCSW

8:00 PM  | Empower Your Soul: Sound Bath Renewal, Tanika Barber, LCSW
8:45 PM  | Closing Remarks

Embody Wellness

Friday, June 28, 2024  

6 PM - 9 PM


11:00 AM | Arrival/Check-in
11:20 AM | Welcome and Introductions - Tanika Barber, LCSW
10:30 AM | Grounding Meditation- Janaye Simpson, LCMHCA
11:45 AM | Embrace Healing- Transform from Victim to Survivor- Courtney Moore, LCSWA
12:15 PM | Make Room for Healing-Outgrow Unhealthy Habits- Danielle Martin, LCSW
12:45 PM | LUNCH
  1:15 PM | Navigating Transformation in a New Environment- Tanika Barber, LCSW
  1:45 PM | Poem Share & Activity- Akeya Hudson
  2:00 PM | Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself- Group Experience

  2:45 PM | Closing Remarks & Thank You

EmpowerHer Event

Saturday, June 29, 2024

11 AM -  3 PM

Enjoy the events music, scan and download our special Healing In My Heels playlist.

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